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Professor Dr. Iván Bócsa, the breeder of Kompolti hemp Journal of the IHA: When was hemp introduced to Hungary? We called this cultivar "UNIKO-B". The common names hemp and marijuana (much less frequently spelled mari- Of the European dual-usage cultivars, 'Uniko B' and 'Fasamo' are particularly  14 Feb 2016 The Cannabis hemp seed is a complete source of easily accessible such as Uniko-B. The number of flowers per plant and, therefore, the  Edward Antil recommended the cultivation of cannabis in his Observations on the Other available Hungarian varieties are Uniko-B, Fibriko, and other Kompolti  Delta-405, KC Virtus, Uniko B. Delta-llosa, KC Zuzana, Uso-31. Denise, Kompolti hibrid TC, Villanova. Diana, Kompolti, Wielkopolskie. Dioica 88, Lipko, Wojko.

Hemp - a New Crop with New Uses for North America. Ernest Small, Of the European dual-usage cultivars, ‘ Uniko B’ and ‘ Fasamo ’ are particularly suited to being grown as oilseeds. Very recently, cultivars have been bred specifically for oil

In addition four Cultivars, two Hungarian for Fibre, Kompolti and Uniko-B, and two Romanian for seed, Secuieni-1 and Irene, were compared. Each was grown  such bast fibres are jute, hemp, flax, and ramie (Bergfjord and Bodil, 2010) that vary investigated five different cultivars of hemp (Fedora 19, Felina 34, Uniko B,. the Orange County Hemp Council and the Orange Coast College Hemp Club, 17301 1 Uniko-B unisex f 18' x 140' flat; disked 3x float & plane (fiber crop). 3 Jul 2019 The process comprises the direct harvesting of the field-fresh hemp and levels of sugar are found only in mid-September (Kompolti, Uniko B). 11 May 2018 non-cannabis plant capable of producing CBD in commercial quantities Inflorescence. Inflorescence. Petiole. Apical. Bud/Leaf. Stalk. Uniko B.

29 Jan 2019 (3) Authorize the growing of hemp as a legal, agricultural. 19 activity in this 27; Silesia; UC-RGM; Uniko B; Yvonne; and Zolotonosha 15. 4.

In Lithuania, yielding potential of the industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivars Beniko, Bialobrzeskie, Epsilon 68, Fedora 17, Felina 32, Futura 75, Santhica 27, USO 31, and Wojko was Food – nimbin HEMP embassy Food ingredients must be declared in the statement of ingredients by the common name of the ingredient or a name that describes the true nature of the ingredient. If hemp is considered to be a characterising ingredient in the food, then the percentage of hemp in the food would also need to be declared. EU Plant variety database (v.3.2)

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Sortenkatalog Hanf Eu (CBD) - CBD-SHOP.CH, Cannabidiol Antal Helena KC Bonusz Armanca KC Dora Beniko KC Virtus Białobrzeskie =Bialobrzeskie KC Zuzana Cannakomp Kompolti Carma Kompolti hibrid TC Carmagnola Lipko Carmaleonte Lovrin 110 Chamaeleon Marcello Codimono Markant CS Monoica Dacia Secuieni Rajan Delta-llosa Ratza Delta-405 Santhica 23 Denise Santhica 27 Diana Santhica 70 Dioica 88 Secuieni Jubileu Eletta Campana Silvana Epsilon 68 Szarvasi GC-MS Analysis of the Total Ag-THC Content of Both Drug- and Hemp seeds (Dioecious), Hungary, 1995 8 Hemp seeds Yugoslavia, 1995 9 Hemp seeds Unisex, uniko-B, Hungary, 1995 12 Hemp seeds iFutura) France, 1994 with fungicide 0 Drug type Mexican seeds 66 Jamaican seeds 124 Colombian seeds 41 Hybrid seeds, mix (no plant particles) 79 Table II. Analysis of Other Replicates of Cannabis Seeds BENIKO AND BIALOBREZSKIE INDUSTRIAL HEMP VARIETIES IN LITHUANIA 34, Fedrina 74, Secuieni 1, Irene, Uniko B, Kompolti, Finola (FIN 314) and Anka. Uniko B and Kompolti continued to perform for highest stalk and fibre yields across Ontario [7]. In Poland hemp varieties of Polish origin Beniko and Bialobrezskie were investigated in 1986-1988. Hemp - ScienceDirect