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Cannabis cup amsterdam

Buy Cannabis Cup Winning Strains | Original Seeds Store Award Winners. We've got cannabis cup winners and cup winning cannabis seeds from every corner of the World, including prize winners of the famous High Times Cannabis Cup (Amsterdam, So-Cal, Denver, Nor-Cal, Michigan & Seattle), the hugely popular Cannabis Champions Cup (Spannabis), held in cheifly Barcelona & Malaga, Spain, and many more award winners and cup winning strains from cannabis Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2017 Winners/Results - High Times 30 Year The Cannabis Cup started back in 1988, with a small group of experienced stoners in a hotel room. Now in 2017 High times Celebrates its 30th year of Cannabis Cup celebrations in Amsterdam! The 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup once again voted to find the best weed and hash in Amsterdam. Cannabis cup Amsterdam | Dutch Passion The High Times Cannabis Cup . The High Times Cannabis Cup takes place every year in November in Amsterdam. High Times was founded in 1974 and is the worlds best selling marijuana magazine, it has a passionate stance for the legalisation of marijuana for both recreational users and medical users. Cannabis Cup – Kein Wietpas!

23 Jul 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. CannabisCup.com. Sure, Nancy Reagan might have said, "Just say no to drugs", but let's face it, 

Cannabiscup - Hanf Magazin Vom 13. bis 15. Juli trafen sich Cannabisten aus aller Welt in Amsterdam, um den 31. High Times Cannabis Cup zu zelebrieren. Diese Gelegenheit wollten wir natürlich nicht verpassen und machten uns auf den Weg in das Venedig des Nordens, zu einem der bekanntesten und angesehensten Cannabis Cups weltweit. SeedFinder - Die Preisträger der wichtigsten Cannabis-Cups

What is cannabis cup? The original High Times Cannabis Cup was fist open for the public in the late 80s. The founder is great Steven Hager. It was hosted every November in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Everyone could sing up to compete and there would be judges (nowadays influencers) all around the world. But last few years the concept of Stevens

High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2018 - YouTube 04.09.2018 · Craig Ex and Cannabis Life Network take off for #Amsterdam and The #HighTimes #CannabisCup 2018. Read more about Craig's trip to Amsterdam and what he did du Amsterdam Cannabis Cup July 2018 Highlights - Summertime High 24.07.2018 · The High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, the 31st cup but the 1st in the summer. The best buds, hash, the Wailers, Afroman - it was all there! Here's a little toke, bigger hits coming soon!

Amsterdam has been a symbol of cannabis freedom for a few decades already. Long traditions like Cannabis cup and coffeeshops created a profile of a city that 

Meet the cannabis vendors of the fifteenth edition of The Emerald Cup and check out The High Times Cannabis Cup has been an annual Amsterdam party for  28 Jun 2018 HighTime Cannabis Cup returns to Amsterdam for its annual Cannabis Cup this time being held in July rather than over the thanksgiving period  r/marijuanaenthusiasts: Welcome to /r/marijuanaenthusiasts. This is the go-to subreddit for everything dendrologic! That's right, this subreddit is …