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1 Jan 2020 1, 2020, the legal age to buy or possess cannabis in Quebec is 21, giving the province the highest minimum age for cannabis use in Canada. 7 Jan 2020 In 2019, you had to be 18 to buy legal cannabis in Quebec. But as [warning people] or anything like that," she told CBC Montreal's Daybreak. 3 Sep 2019 Quebecers are free to grow cannabis at home, at least for now, after a Quebec Superior Court judge rule the provincial law prohibiting  28 Jul 2019 With cannabis topical creams being legalized across Canada this fall, on cannabis topicals will hurt patients with chronic pain, says Montreal  5 Oct 2019 Montreal police are investigating after shots were fired at a 31-year-old man on Queen Mary Road early this morning in the city's Snowdon  7 May 2019 The Montreal borough of Saint-Léonard aims to ban the sale and production of cannabis on its territory. A public consultation will be held on the 

14 Sep 2019 Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. lost $42 million in the latest fiscal year, according to newly released public documents. The provincial Crown 

Cannabinoid Facts: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, CBG and Other Unique Cannabis potency testing has come of age! Knowing the cannabinoid profile of a cannabis strain or variety will help providers of medical cannabis fit a patients’ condition to a medicine they will benefit from the best. Montana Biotech offers cannabinoid potency testing in Montana. Recreational Cannabis Stores in Quebec | Leafly

10 Jul 2019 Statistics Canada's quarterly report on cannabis prices suggests the cost chasm between legal and illegal versions of the drug is wide, and 

The Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) is scheduled to open 15 cannabis stores around the province. As of Oct. 20, 12 locations have been confirmed as open for business. Canada|Quebec landlords push ban on smoking pot - Cannabis Canada|Quebec landlords push ban on smoking pot inside apartments – Montreal – CBC News Landlords in Quebec are taking steps to ensure their rental properties remain free of pot smoke, even though the drug will be legal in Canada come July 1st. Buy Cannabis Online from Montreal - Mail Order Marijuana Montreal

3 Sep 2019 La Presse and Journal de Montréal state that the new ruling makes The CBC initially reported that the ban remained in place, but now 

18 Nov 2019 There's an increasing view that the Canadian cannabis bonanza was little more than a pipe dream. That may not quite be true. 5 Dec 2018 And it has to be real prevention with real information, not prevention that says 'just don't do it' or 'cannabis is bad,'" Brochu told CBC Montreal's  16 Nov 2019 A mysterious cannabis-related illness is turning up in emergency rooms in Canada, but exactly what causes it is unknown. 28 Aug 2019 Regional directors want THC limited, ban on products appealing to Montreal's public health director, Dr. Mylène Drouin, says Quebec's 18